Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Hard Rock - Now part of the AMA 50

The Hard Rock Challenge is now officially part of the Army Mountaineering Association´s (AMA) 50th Anniversary celebrations.
The AMA, formed in 1957 has been a key player in the development of mountaineering within the armed services. Mountaineering skills are a vital component in warfare and have been put to good use in the Falkland Islands, the Balkans, and the mountains of Afghanistan. The armed forces benefit hugely from allowing their men and women to face the challenge of the mountains and the AMA has a central role in developing these mountaineers.

2007 is the AMA’s 50th Anniversary and major expeditions are planned to celebrate this milestone. This includes a team in the Himalayas attempting Shisha Pangma (13th highest mountain in the world), expeditions to Greenland, Morocco, and the Canadian NW territories and now in the UK this summer - Hard Rock Challenge.