Thursday, 7 June 2007

Only 5 Weeks to go!

We only have 5 weeks to go and things are starting to get a bit frantic in the Hard Rock Office! (Sun shining outside making it hard to stay on the PC and phone all Day).

We are starting to think hard about the schedule for these 60 climbs. The only fixed thing at the moment is the start date and place - Chedder Gorge.

Then it will be the weather that decides which area we go to next!

It would make sense to go North and tick off the routes as we go, but life is never that easy - Don´t forget the bird bans in place and the ferry crossings needed at the busiest time of the year - we are in for a fun time!

If the weather has been kind then at the moment this is the plan.

Chedder - North Wales - Lakes - Scotland mainland - Old man of Hoy - Scotland main land - Skye - Isle of Harris - Scotland mainland - Arran - Yorkshire - North Wales - Peak District - South West.

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Julia said...

can you do Moonraker after the 14th of August? - we'll get a boat and come and watch!

Ju + Dave (Torquay)