Thursday, 13 September 2007

Kendal Film Festival Confirmed

Good news is that after lots of emails flying backwards and forwards to John Porter we now have a slot at this years Kendal Film Festival.

Sunday 18th November - 12.30pm Malt Rooms

I am so happy as it means a few things :-

Firstly, I get an excuse to come back to the UK, everyone thinks I am mad but I do miss the old place, and even though this year I saw it at its wettest I still loved it.

Secondly, we get to see all our friends again. We made the most amazing contacts this summer and hopefully we can call them friends and continue to see them lots. Sir Chris was a charmer which I am sure most people that know him will confirm. David Simmonite and I get on like a house on fire. In fact I am sure Rich would say too much as one night when Dave slept in Cheryl we stayed awake talking until the small hours like a couple of teenagers!

Some of the Mountain Rescue people we will stay in contact with, especially the young couple from Cornwall as they offered to take us surfing next summer. Julian from Wasdale we will also meet again and hopefully next time he will go climbing with us.

Stephen Reid was a great support during the challenge and it was so nice when I was alone in the van and I would get a phone call asking how we were getting on. I even remember on a very wet day in Aviemore when he had taken the trouble to check the weather report for me for North Wales.

Alot of these people we will hopefully see at Kendal and if not during one of our less stressful trips to the UK.

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