Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Day 19

I have just had another message from Sam, the message started 'Everywhere is in the middle of F*****G nowhere and I can't get internet access'!!!!

Update on yesterday - The boys also managed to do Gormenghast yesterday, giving them 4 routes for the day.

Today they climbed

Praying Mantis - With Sir Chris Bonnington
North Crag Eliminate - With Alan Hinkes
Engineers Slabs

Another 4 routes - Well done Guys

That just leaves The Crack and Kipling Groove on Gimmer tomorrow and that is the lakes ticked off.

They will be spending the Afternoon at Liverpools Awesome Walls. So please go down because they will be shacking the tins.

Thursday the plan is then to head across to the DMM offices and makes a start in North Wales.

Keep up the good work - 'You haven't forgotten about the five in Scotland have you boys?'


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