Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Day Five - The Scoop

Arrived late at night in strong winds and had to drive up the most scary road! under a large water pipe.

Had an early night, but even so the boys would not get up early in the morning, are they trying to delay me thinks!

We all walked in with every bit of climbing gear the boys have.

No rain and the strong winds have dropped slightly so all looking good, until we try to scramble to the bottom of the climb! too wet and dangerous so the boys rope up! Gues what Rich has the wrong climbing shoes with him (he picked up Marks!) so Simon has a long walk back to get the right ones.

Pitch one at A3 takes Mark 5 hours, then Rich leads pitch two A1 in one hour. They then come back to the van for tea and to refresh ready for tomorrow.

We have booked the ferry out for Thursday so the boys have to do it all today!


Sarah said...

Are you sure that it wasn't Mark who took the wrong shoes with him?

Glad to hear that things seem to be going well. Hope that today went to plan too.

See you guys soon,

Take Care


aunty b said...

Sam Rich and co, as a non climbing member of the family, I must admit to being very anxious, but full of awe and admiration for you all. Please keep safe.
aunty b

mum said...

Hi all, looks very cold and wet there. Well done with blog sam its the first thing I look at everyday.
A map would be nice with routes on for us none climbers. Loads of luck love and a following wind. Mum

Diane White said...

Looks like you are all having fun not!!!. Glad to see you have done them all so far. well done guys. Hopefully the weather is getting better and making it slightly easier. Hope to see you in sunny Malham. We need 2 large t shirts. haanah and george said they want one too. maybe not so large.

love Di,Chris , Hannah and George

Jonny27 said...

Keep going guys, doing well, hopefully see you in the lakes.


Tom Fuller said...

Hi! Met you guys on the beach at Hushinish on Wednesday (two yellow sea kayaks), good luck with the trip!


Tom and Mairi.