Friday, 13 July 2007

First Day Completed!!

After a great evening in a Cheddar Gorge car park (we managed to have a party in 'Cheryl' with 12 people), the day had finally come to start the challenge.
The day started off well, with the Courier company managing to deliver the Hard Rock Challenge T-shirts which should have arrived two days ago. Thanks to, with all their help getting them to us.

After two hours of radio interviews and filming, the boys finally kitted up and started 'Coronation Street', Rich made great progress on the first pitch, which was not in good condition, the rain then started!!! Mark climbed the second pitch well, with Rich then finally topping out on a wet and slippery route (yes the boys did complete the route in 3 pitches and in a time of 3 hours).

The guys then went on to Avon and also manged to climb Malbogies in under an hour.

That actually means we have managed to complete the first day on schedule (How long will that last for!!) The team are now on their way up to Scotland, with 'Severe Weather Warnings'. So lets just see were we end up tomorrow!!

Thanks to everyone for all the support we received today, especially from Dave and Mikey, and the guys from the Avon and Somerset Rescue Team.

The Hard Rock Challenge T-shirts are now available to buy, and cost £10. All proceeds are going to Mountain Rescue. They are currently being transported in 'Cheryl' around the country, however if you are not going to see them on route, Keith at Rock and Rapid Adventures is also selling them, and you can contact him on or 01984 630123.


Tim Bird said...

Go for it, although I have to wonder at yur start date... lets hope you have more luck with the weather,

Thanks for rainsing money for the MRTs they need all the Cash they can get, we (mountaineers) all take them for granted even if we have never needed them.

Good luck in Scotland. i'm watching now.


Sarah said...

It was so worth the £20 to get that picture of Rich ...

Hope that you're still enjoying it and I'll see you all next weekend (and no I'm not wearing the pink bridesmaid dress!).