Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Day Thirteen - unlucky for some!

Looks like 13 is unlucky for us today as the weather is really terrible.

The boys went up to the hut at the base of Ben Nevis late last night to give them an early start. It started to ran heavily at 5am and foiled their plans. Problem is it looks like it is going to rain here for a few more days so they have made a decision to climb in the rain!

Simon is going up at lunchtime with more food and to get us a progress report, I suppose I will spend today very worried. Wish them luck everyone.


Boys have started to climb as the sun is out, we told them they are running out of days so they might be down very very late tonight.


Sarah said...

I'm now sat here in Somerset worrying along with you. Let me know when you know that they're OK.


little sis said...


Hope all is going well and that the drive to the top safed the boys a day of climbing.

x. Little Sis and Ric...hard

Helen M said...

Hope things worked out on Ben Nevis, I was sorry to have missed the chance to come along and support you at Glen Coe last weekend - we were still at a way too hot Chateauvert - not that you really wanted to know that!

Not sure what your itinerary is for the next few days but will keep watching the blog to find out - if you want to park up in Glasgow one evening let me know. Good luck, I'm still thinking you can do it.