Friday, 20 July 2007

Day Seven and all on Track!

I am sat at the pc in the Lovely Claichaig Inn, its just like The Orange House only in Scotland. Thanks to the guys here for helping us out and letting us sell T shirts etc. Only problem is that the machine is dial-up so no photos until tomorrow when we get to Inverness.

The Scoop was completed when the boys got back to the van at 11pm, another long day, they had a roast dinner and then we started driving again. Only this time we only went half an hour as we had found the most amazing beach at the end of the road. A great view in the morning and Simon even went for a swim! Not sure I will put that photo on the blog though!

Ferry taken at 12 back across to Skye and we sent the boys climbing again at 2pm. The Prow was completed in good time and back at the van at 8pm for homemade soup. I am doing really well with all this cooking!!

Another long drive through the night (I am doing all driving by the way as we did not get Simon on the insurance) to arrive at the foot of Etive Slabs for an early start. Boys left the van at 8am and we hope to meet them any minute now to get them across to do 2 more routes today.

I will update the blog again tonight when we get back in here for a pint!

Thanks for all the comments everyone, they are great. Hard Rock Team

Congrats to the boys they completed Swastika and Shibboleth in one day! well done.

We then all had a great night here watching a band, Rich even managed a little dance!


Dave Linnett said...

Excellent News!
Looks like my prediction of 60 out of 60 is in the bag...
Good luck with the rest!


Bald Eagle

jude calvert-toulmin said...

...sam, this is totally rock n roll without the groupies, drugs or music! :D

that's a compliment btw ;) GO GO GO! :D

Julia said...

Well done folks - have been tracking you each day, and am off to exeter tmrw to try a pick up a copy of the book so can trace your location- it's hard with a road atlas!

Weather looks dire in some of your pics - hope it gets better soon, but that you are enjoying yourselves anyway!

You are more than welcome to park up in our drive when you get to the sw - we're back from hols on the 15th of August if you're not done with the brixham bit by then...

Ju x

Julia said...

Well done folks - I am tracking you each day, off to get a copy of the big book in exeter tmrw so will be able to see your locations more easily.

Hope the weather improves! you are more than welcome to park up in our drive in Torquay when you are in the SW - we're back from hols on the 15th of August if you have not already done with the Berry Head bit by then...

Take care
Love Ju x