Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Only 3 days to go!

"Cheryl" is now based at Chelston Motorhomes in Wellington. We should have dropped her off yesterday, but the journey from London took longer than we thought!

She is having a new shower fitted and they better make the fridge switch over to gas or we are in trouble.

The Hard Rock Team has now set up "Base Camp" in the kitchen belonging to Keith from Rock and Rapid Adventures. So whilst he is out at work teaching kids to abseil we have a table full of laptops, printers, mobiles phones and loads and loads of maps!

Keith is the guy behind The Hard Rock Festival. This is our end of challenge party on the 18th and 19th August. The Mill Climbing Centre are holding an exciting weekend of activities, talks, Competitions etc.

Check out the website for more details.

Only 4 Days to go!

We arrived in the UK late last night after a bit of an epic. We turned up at the ferry port in Boulogne just before midnight to be told that their boats (horrible Speed Ferries) don´t take motorhomes as we are too wide! Even though they took my booking! GREAT!. We have about 5 hours to get Tufa across the channel before we have to find another vet, pay more money and waste more time.

We decide to take a risk and drive fast to Dunkirk (whilst on the phone to my sister to get the ferry timetable for Norfolk Line). We arrive and rush to the ticket desk and buy a ticket for the next crossing! Brill we are so lucky - NOT! the girl who issued the ticket forgot to put Tufa on, so we had to go all the way back around and missed the boat. A few hours later we are finally sat crossing the channel, tired but on our way!

We arrive in London at 4.30am having already done 3,000 miles!

Sitting at my sisters lovely apartment on the Thames we should be getting worried, but not yet, the sunshine is a nice surprise. Will it last thought?

Thanks to Outside shop in Reading, Dan helped Rich to get the right size of Evolv climbing shoes. Now we need to get down to Taunton to set up "Base Camp".

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