Saturday, 28 July 2007

Day Sixteen - Final Edition

Celebration Time

All routes in the Peak and The Pennine completed so that means 25 out of 6o routes done! (happy Jenny x)

We are now sat having a curry and a beer and looking forward to not getting up early in the morning.

This photo was taken whilst Rich was climbing Elder Crack, Geoff Birtles kindly came out to say a few words and Rich did not listen when he told him how to climb it, but whats new!

Thanks to the following supporters todays - Dave Simmonite, Keith Sharples, Neil from Edale Mountain Rescue Team, Ian Smith and Viv, Simon Jacques and anyone else who came to watch

The Supporters - Thanks guys!
All photos below thanks to Simon Jacques


Rich on Elder Crack

The boys on Valkyrie

Lakes tomorrow and you better be praying for more good weather!


Vicky and Derek said...

Hello to you all

Congratulations and well done to the boys for all the climbs and to sam for the driving. Sorry that we missed you in Malham (working). Derek and Olivia hopefully coming to see you today (Sun)Olivia justs want to hug Tufa!!!!! Hopefully will get to see you in Wales to do a bit of tin shaking!!
Just to let you know that you also have a large fan base here at Hudds Royal Infirmary. I am so obsessed with checking blog that even the girls at work are keeping tabs on you. (New uniform could be hard rock tshirts ha that would be fun).

Love to you all, keep up the good work
Vicky, Derek and Olivia xxxx

Dicky Baker said...

How's about ya?

Grand effort guys. All that climbing at Fairhead has made Mark immune to the rain. It has put him in good stead for this excellent challenge. I hope the orange isn't feeling too washed out. Good Luck.

Love from Rowena, Richard, Olivia and Imogen