Thursday, 26 July 2007

Day Fourteen of The Hard Rock Challenge

16.17pm - Base Camp has just heard from Cheryl, the forecast in Scotland is not good for the next few days. Therefore the boys have decided to move down to the peaks for the next few days.

Once Base Camp has heard more about the plans I will post them straight away. If anyone wants to join the guys in the Peak, you support will be greatfully appreciated.


Sat at my lovely second cousin Di's house in Shipley, "thanks Chuck" having a sleep in a real bed!

How many people can say they set off to climb in Glen Coe and then had a change of plan and went to Malham instead?

Boys successfully got up Carnage and then went to the pub for a beer and a nice meal.

Tomorrow an early start and off to climb Kilnsey Main Overhang, then Almscliff then across to The Peak to get a few routes in before it gets dark! Then hopefully the rest of The Peak routes on Saturday.

Sunday across to The Lakes - Scotland will be returned to once we have a report back that the routes the boys have left are in slightly better condition.

Please come and support the boys if you can over the next few days.

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