Thursday, 12 July 2007

Only 19 hrs 52 min before we start!

Base Camp looks like a bomb site!! poor Keith, its a good job he is out at work!

'Cheryl came back from Chelston Motorhomes this morning, all fixed and looking great, they have even fitted a flat screen tv! Shame I will have to re mortgage the house in Spain to pay the bill!. In seriousness though we have to say a big thanks to them as they pulled out all the stops and did all the work we needed.

Rich and Simon have just headed off to Exeter to collect Evolv shoes for Rich (not last minute at all!), I have even given him his credit card so he can treat himself. Lets hope he remembers to ask Cotswolds for a discount.

Before they left though I asked them to help me load up 'Cheryl' they messed around too much so I sent them on their way!

The plan is to leave here at about 7 tonight, after a meal, and head up to Chedder to spend the night at the foot of the crag, I could even stay in bed and watch the boys climb!

I will update later this afternoon if anything else exciting happens - watch this space.

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hesitant scribe said...

Just popping in to say hello and wish you well - and er... good luck!!!

I still you're mad though - but mad for a brilliant cause. My husband is the climber in our house and as such, I've spent many a happy hour clinging on to bits of crag in the rain trying to look brave. I hope you have a wonderful, safe, and dare I say it, lucrative journey!

I have duly posted all about you on my blog ;-)