Saturday, 21 July 2007

Day Nine - edition one

Sat at friends house in Inverness, thanks Kathy and Geoff. I will tell the story about Geoff later in the blog, he is one of the reasons we need to raise money for the mountain rescue teams!

We are here because 'Cheryl' is having the electrics fixed (we hope). The boys left early this morning to climb Yo yo, Trapeze and hopefully Carnivore, Rain is falling here in Inverness!!

Dave Simmonite arrived yesterday and getting some great shots, which hopefully I can get on the blog later tonight when we go back to the pub.

Plan is that we have one more day here and then head to do The Old Man. Hoping that the weather inproves as we come back down to finish off the Scottish leg!

The boys are really tired now, but not moaning at all. Dont know how long that will last though. I am very proud at the moment, but they still have a long way to go.

Be back later tonight to let you know how they got on.


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