Friday, 24 August 2007

Back in Spain and its raining!!!

I don´t believe it, we are back home at The Orange House and its raining and really windy, what did I do in a past life to deserve this? (don´t answer that anyone!).

Feels weired to be back and a bit sad really, so much planning and now its all over. Rich is happy though, he went climbing last night with Keith (better not tell him its nice in the UK at the mo!) and he put the draws in his 8a, he claims his climbing has suffered during this trip and says his legs have grown.

Here are a few more photos from the trip:-

This is one of my favourite shots, when the cloud started to clear around the Old Man, I was snoozing in the tent on top of the cliff and I got a call over the radio from the boys saying "wake up, you might be able to see us". If you click on the photo you can just make out Mark´s white helmet.

Tufa chewing on an antler that we found on the road to Ballater. Anyone going up that way I can recommend the local campsite. It is council run and the guy Dougie was lovely, he charged us 10 quid only and then gave it us back to put in the pot.

This photo was taken on the way out of Wasdale campsite. I had never been to The Lakes before and really liked the place. We will be going back next year but not rushing around quite so much!

I am just going through David Simmonite´s photos and will upload some of them in the next hour, he reallys not a bad photograher (she runs and hides!).

The boys on Coronation Street
The boys on Shibboleth
Rich on Elder Crack
Mark on Suicide Wall no 1

I will be away for the next week as my eldest Dan is playing cricket for Spain in the European Championships down at La Manga. Wish them luck everyone, they will need it!

I will update the blog again when I get back, that will be in a little over a week.

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