Friday, 10 August 2007

Firday - Mid Day Update

Hi All,

Sorry no pictures at the moment but i thought i better give you an update. Other than the tour of North Wales finest Climbing Cafes (Petes and Erics in a morning), the guys are doing ok.

We decided on Vector this morning as the weather on Cloggy and the Pass was crap. However, driving through the pass the brakes were slammed on and we shot into the CC hut as the guys decided Diagonal might just go.

They ran to the bottom of the crag and shot up the route, finishing just as the rain started. It was a great effort and showed that with roadside crags as long as you are willing to change your plans and can react quickly, there are always routes to be done.

Back in the car then and to Erics for a quick tea, before returning to the original plan of Vector. Unusually for this trip the sun came out and it was quite warm for a bit. The guys enjoyed the route with both of them commenting that it seemed much easier than the last time they did it....maybe after 46 routes they are getting better!!!

Well there is no rest for the wicked and after a call from Sam telling us to get our arses back to Cloggy, they have all disappeared for an evening on Great Wall. What with the rain this morning and it being E4 6a, fingers crossed....unfortunately this is probably the best weather they might get!

Will update you tomorrow and let you know how they go.

Mother Si


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