Thursday, 2 August 2007

Some more pictures

Well i have left the guys to it for a few days while i head to a friends wedding this weekend. Lets hope they manage to navigate around North Wales without me! At least it means i have the time to upload a few extra pictures!

Mother Si.

Random Road Sign of the Trip!!

The boys set off for trapeeze

Mark looking not quite so keen on climbing in the rain

Rich on the Almscliff Traverse

Mark on the Traverse

Sam cleaning Cheryl

The support team trying to get everything dry!!

Rich fights his way through the trees in Cheedale

Mark on the Cheedale Girdle


Julian Carradice from the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team joins the guys on Engineers Slabs

Mark and Julian at the Foot of Engineers on Great Gable

Sir Chris working the bottom pitch of Preying Mantis

Rich gives Chris Bonington some climbing tips while Mike Robertson snaps some piccies for the family album.


Sarah said...

Great pictures Simon - may have to retain the "drowned rat" one for future blackmail use ;o)

Enjoy the wedding


trish from wrexham (ok chester really:) said...

sam there is no water in that bowl!!! hehehe

Cant believe rich got to climb with sir chris, thats a real treat!!

going out to trevor rocks tommorrow to scratch my new shiny dmm kit ;) have a good weekend!