Sunday, 5 August 2007

Day 24 last edition

The boys have now completed 41 routes! wow, we are going to make it!

They climbed The Needle in horrendous conditions and came back looking like drowned rats, "I even had to use my bloody knees to climb today! when we will we climb a route in condition?" said Rich - bless!

Tomorrow still on track for King Rat and Goliath.

Good night everyone Sam :0)

A few days ago Rich climbing with Celebrity Climber Alan Hinkes - Mikey Robertson photo


catherine said...

Just wanted to say hi - we met you all a couple of weeks ago in Scotland at the Glencoe Visitor centre camping and caravan club site (Stalag A82 as it's now known - what lovely wardens!). Since getting back home we've been checking the website/blog and keeping tabs on the boys' progress. Looking good for the perfect finish - weather permitting. Hope all are well. Good luck to Mark and Rich, fantastic effort! From Catherine, Keith and Amelia Timms.

mum said...

yes I am very proud of the whole thing I think what you are doing is remarkable and I cant understand why your sponsership measure is not off the scale. Come on folks give a little these guys are doing truly amazing things. Love the photo of Sir Chris and Tufa. xxxx