Sunday, 12 August 2007

Day 31 2 Edition - Not looking good!

I dont know how much more of this I can stand, and I aint climbing!

I got a call about an hour ago (whilst in the launderette) saying "its not going well!, They cant get up Slanting Slab as the water is running down it like a water fall!"

It rained so much in the night that I am not surprised, sp they came down and they have just done the Combination climb so only one more left on that bloody horrible crag!

Simon has just called and said that they are really really cold although it is not raining (yet) cloud looks really black from down here! They may try to get back on Slanting but if not we have to get them down quick and they have to climb Cenotaph Corner.

I feel so sick with worry for them, need some more crossed fingers folkes!

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mum said...

Have everything crossed, this is like watching a horror story, will they wont they its bad for us too and we are not even there. Keep it up, all routing for you, bloody weather. Have all faith that if it can be done then the courage that you have shown will prevail.loads a d loads of love and luck. Mum (thunder in spain too)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx