Thursday, 9 August 2007


Wow, they have done them all in Scotland! I didn´t think they would but what a great feeling now!

45 routes done and only 15 left, 11 in Wales but that includes the hardest one at E4, then only 4 in the South West, and Rich says he could do those in the dark if he had to! Lets have some more dry weather - please!

The boys in the sun at last! on The Bat!

Rich on the treverse pitch, he was not used to his feet sticking!
Mark on the classic photo from the book - Second 5b pitch.


Cara-Lyn said...

Now I'm convinced you'll do it. Wasn't sure with the rain, but you're on the home strait now - good luck :)

ZoeB said...

Hi Sam adn Rich et al - I am impressed but not surprised - good luck with the rest. I can corfirm and I am sure I am not alone that Rich can do most of the south west routes in the dark - I hope none of you have to though. Enjoy the rest - great achievement - would have loved to have joined for the party but I am tied to the dessk at the momment ...

All the best


Sam Mayfield said...

Zoe, chuck can you spread the word to the others in the area about the party, cant believe you did that comment today as Rich and I spoke about you last night!! freaky xxx