Thursday, 16 August 2007

Day 35 End in Sight!

Started the day with amazing sunshine although a bit windy! we all slept at The Count House at Bosigram. Lovely views...
Three members from Cornwall Search and Rescue came to give support, and handed over a really great letter. - Andy I hope you dont mind me reading it out but it moved me to tears this morning.
Dear Hard Rock Challenge Team
On behalf of Cornwall Search and Rescue Team, and the wider Mountain Rescue community, I would like to offer our heartfelt thanks for what you are doing.
Many in Mountain Rescue have followed your progress with great interest, recognising what a truly amazing achievement it will be when you complete your final climb.
To undertake all of the Hard Rock climbs, and to do it in just five weeks, take passion, courage and determination. But it also takes something else; an aweful lot of planning and support. That is why our thanks go not just to Rich and Mark but to your dedicated support team who have played a vital part in your success.
Whatever the total amount you raise may be, £3,000 or £30,000, does not lessen your achievement in any way. You have done a hugh amount to raise the profile of your causes - especially Mountain Rescue - and you are no doubt aware, every penny raised is desperately needed and will go directly to our central aim of saving lifes in wild and remote places (be it the moors of Cornwall or the Mountains of Scotland).
So as your challenge draws to a close, may we thank you once more, wish you the very best of luck with your remaining climbs and hope you enjoy the well deserved after party.
Yours sincerely
A Brelsford
Chair - CSRT

The Routes climbed today were Suicide Wall, Bow Wall and Bishops Rib.
Soooooooooo, that only leaves one left to climb, didn't think I would be typing that!

Two dodgy photographers (aka Mikey Robertson and Mother Si)

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mum said...

like the last person to post I too do not know I will do next week. This has been one of the most moving experience since 40 yrs ago this sept when sam was born. I at least will have you and your experiences with me so I can relive it. It has been awesome kids. My love and pride are with you all. Mum