Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Day 34

Its raining in the South West :0(

We are sat at Auntie Barbaras preparing the slide show for The Hard Rock Fest. Rich is seeing most of the photos for the first time! he says "where is that then? oh yeh now I remember!"

We are leaving in a few hours and heading to Land End, that means that this trip I will have driven from the very top of Britian to the very bottom. I have a rough total for the miles and its over 4,5ooo.

Someone asked me the other day how much this trip had cost me! Alot was the answer! He then said "well why didnt you just donate that to Mountain Rescue?" good point, why not?

This challenge was firstly a summer holiday/climbing trip paid for by us all, petrol, food, accommodation etc. Then the idea to try to raise money for Mountain Rescue at the same time came about.

DMM, North Face, Evolv have all given equipment and clothing but no cash. The photographers have also given of their time for free. Lots of other people have given time and effort and we are very grateful.

This summer has been an amazing one, very hard at times but so worth it!

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Chris Bates said...

Well Done Rich, Mark, Sam and Simon. You must be all very proud. You know how soft I am Sam seeing that picture of Rich on his last tick brought a tear to my eye. He just looked so pleased relieved and thankful probably that it is almost the end of a difficult challenge.
Me nd Chris are not sure what we are going to do in morning now. No more racing to the PC to see if you managed to complete yesterday's Climbs. Anyway well done and good luck for the last couple. Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you in September.

Love Di Chris and Kids.

P.S Nearly forgot Well Done to Tufa for being a fab mascot. x