Sunday, 12 August 2007

Day 31 Final Edition

So, do you think they did it?

Shall I tell you?

Of course they did! What another bloody relief! they really do deserve a medal for today.

I counted up in the van before that they have now climbed for 31 days with only 3 days off due to bad weather.

They have climbed routes that people would not touch at all!

I am sooooooo proud! (Rich love you babes x)

Goodnight everyone


Helen said...

Have been following your progress each day - how awful has the weather been! - bet you didnt believe it could have been so bad for so long when you planned the challenge. Well done so far.

Best of luck for the last few days.

sarah said...

cool! just got back from bar to check up on progress!
well done

you gonna make it!!!!


Vicky and Derek said...

WEll DONE!!!!
Fantastic news. Great to see you all on Saturday. It was nice to see you with a bit more colour in your cheeks sam by the time we left. Dont think your nails will survive!!! Nice to eventually meet Simon and Matt. will keep checking on your progress this week with baited breath.
lots of love Vicky, Del and Olivia xxx

Anonymous said...

wow, after seeing the state of the rock, that is really impressive! the incoming weather didn't look good either!
Well done fella's, I think your exceeding everybodys expectations, especially with the weather your having to suffer!
Was good seeing you, all the best for the last few.

MarijneL said...

Well done guys (and girls, Sam and Tufa)! I only spent 6 days in Scotland and was already glad to go back to the flatlands. And I only climbed sunshine and a slight drizzle. I hope time will make the memories sweet. Keep going and do climb lots of dry routes next to the carpark in Spain this autumn! XXMarijne