Saturday, 11 August 2007

Day 30 edition 2

Oh my goodness this is getting exciting! They came down and did The Grooves at Cryn Las and called me to say they were heading back up to Cloggy, what did I tell them!

Then got a call to say the guide book was in the van! silly or what! and could I read the description out so they knew where to go! I was in V12 at the time for the famous coffee, and Rob kindly let me use a shop copy. I read from the book and Si recorded my words using Marks mobile held close to his phone.

I then got the first of some exciting text messages.

1. Rich is 25ft up The Great Wall.
2. Rich has just finished 1st pitch, said was OK but tough work! Marks lead looks wet!
3. Mark half way up top pitch. Looking OK loads of gear in, she is going to go!
4. Both topped out abing off now, wil probably do Vember then home.

Wow feel a bit sick after all that.

I am now going to feed the ducks with, Di, Vic, Hannah, George and Olivia . Phew!!

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