Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Day 33 - Sleep...................

A very happy Rich after his "complete personal tick"!
Sleep! - Well thats about all Rich has done today, it took us 5 1/2 hours from North Wales to Plymouth and I was alone in the front of the van!

Last night was lovely as it was our Wedding Anniversary we went to the 24 hour Tesco in Bangor and bought one of those instant curries! Rich ran back to the van and closed all the blinds, lit a candle and put on some nice music! Very, very romantic and a Tesco's carpark was the perfect venue for a perfect wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow we head further South and if the rain stops Bow Wall at Bosigran could get ticked!

Then Suicide Wall also at Bosi, then a drive to Chair Ladder for Bishops Rib.

Berryhead Route Moonraker is last on Friday as the press should be present!

Please come and join us on Sat or Sunday if you can make it to the party (Hard Rock Fest) The boys will be doing a talk with Slide Show on both days.

Some thank you's. I will remember more so please dont get upset if I miss you out!

Jane Newman for doing an amazing job of looking after The Orange House for me.
Andy at the CIC hut for my flapjack.
Auntie Barbara that was the best shower in a long time.
Mum for all the love she keeps sending us.
Littleduck keep up the good work!

Simon Fisher (mother si) because he really does not have to do any of this!
David Simmonite for the giggles.
Ray Woods for hanging around yesterday.
Keith at Rock and Rapid Adventures - dont worry they will come!
and anyone else who has put money in the tin etc etc

Some more photos from the last few days!
The boys on a very wet Cenotaph Corner. Marks lead!

Dwm, what a great route they both said and Rich's complete tick!

The "Welsh Girlies" yesterday after Moustrap! (Silvia Fitzpatrick and Glenda Huxtor)


BrianT said...

What a shame we didn't get last summer's weather! Still, brilliant effort to the lads, and I hope the sun's cracking t'flags down in the south east for the finale. Don't think we'll be there, but in spirit we will at least.

sarah said...

will do!
but it appears that i get a few days holiday at the end of my stay as it´s quite quiet here as palestinians and italinas have nmoved on and we are just left with a few climbers...
still thinking of you lot and making the most of the sun!
(yes my boys are laughing at me because i fell asleep on the beach after a glass of wine and too much food and have lovely pink tummy!
at least we are back for more in october and might be in danger of climbing then too!
go for it guys!
see you in oct!