Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Day 26 - A Long, Cold, Windy Day

At 6am Sam and Sarah got the guys up, fed anf watered them in time to kick them out of the van and sent them on their way on the long walk into King Rat and Goliath at 8am.

It was 8pm before they got to see them again, (the climbing days are very long in Scotland, for not many routes, the memories of 6 routes in a day in the peak are long behind them!) they were a little wet, very tired and Richard was complaining of frost nip in his fingers......but they did it and two more tough and remote routes in Scotland are in the bag.

So the team packed up and headed over to the west coast to pick off the last two routes in Scotland. The guys are currently on Trapeze and will be walking up to the hut on the Ben tonight to attempt the Bat first thing in the morning.

More stories and pictures to follow,

Mother Si.

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jude calvert-toulmin said...

such a good effort everyone and some great pics. LOVE the pic of dave simmonite taking a pic in adverse conditions, sam, and the shot "sir chris and tufa" is lovely too :)

keep up the great work, it's so exciting :)

ps soz we missed the summons from the queen of the costa blanca but being a few hundred miles away in galway it was tricky!

much love to all

jude xxx