Friday, 3 August 2007

Day 22

The boys with todays Celebrity Climber Gaz Parry
Check out Gaz´s blog. They climbed Dream of White Horses in a force 8 gale and rain! Dave Simmo and I got blown around big time, I am still wet and cold although I have been in Petes Eats for the last hour.

This morning the boys completed Gogarth and yesterday ticked off The Big Groove and The Grooves at Lech Du.

Tomorrow not sure what will happen we have to wait for the weather.

My Hero! Force 8 gale winds and driving rain!!! (Dave Simmonite)

1 comment:

sarah said...

Hi! Hope you guys surviving and not too knackered!
Sam you emjoying all that cooking and driving and english weather? and curries!!!!
dreamt I was climbing out there last night then woke up feeling nice and warm.... and in Spain!

we are having fab tine at O house and enjoying sun and ginormous waves for boys body boards!

dogs are fine!
off to beach
climb hard!