Friday, 10 August 2007


Ok for those that have not realised yet, we are trying to raise a massive 30, 000 pounds for Mountain Rescue, England Wales and Scotland.

Here is the link for the England and Wales Click here, you do need a credit card to donate.

If you do not want to use a credit card or you find it does not work, then please email me and I can tell you if you have a tin close to you, or I can give you an address to send a cheque.

If you want to donate to Scotland again please fire off an email and I can give you a choice of ways to donate.

You can also come to the party next weekend in Devon, that would amazing as we have so many great things going on and some great guests that it will be a shame if we don´t have a good crowd!

my email address is

Thanks so much to those that have already donated, I know the target is a large one but we see this as a long term project and once the book is out and the DVD, the money will continue to come in for a few years yet.

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sarah said...

good one sam
well done
30 euros from us and a house full of informed people here