Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Day 27

Sat in my favourite internet cafe in Fort William called One World! I started a tab 2 weeks yesterday and came back in today and carried on as normal. Nice guy!

Proud is a word I don´t think I have used yet, Well it´s about bloody time! Boys we are so proud.

They must be so fed up, yet their strength of character is now starting to show, especially as the last 2 days have been “a long slog” to quote Rich. Not once have I heard Mark whinge, Rich a little bit, but then he has got me to moan to. They came back Monday after a 9 mile walk, to find the crag in too much cloud and very, very wet! (no climbing) When they got back to the van they were both wet through to the skin and still they gave us a little smile. When asked are you enjoying it, they have both said “not really”. I just hope that when looking back all the bad stuff will disappear from memory! The boys have wanted to do these climbs for so long it will be such a shame if they can´t remember them, or found that it was not nice climbing, also they have climbed so many of the routes “out of condition” that they will have to come back and do them again when they are dry etc.

Boys now completed Trapeze in the sun shine! not what they are used to at all and they had a great time, Rich said that was one of the best routes so far.
The Boys yesterday after completing Goliath and King Rat in a gale!
Rich leading the Aid pitch on King Rat.


Anonymous said...


I have to (metaphorically) tip my hat to you both, You're doing a remarkable, if not fantastic job in miserable conditions, stick with it, it'll be worth it at the end, if not just for the sage like advice you'll be able to give on climbing difficult routes in crap conditions!

Well done,

Steve Blake

john said...

a brilliant effort by all the team yesterday i was climbing in a vest at Heptonstall quarry and then drove over to the chew valley to climb at standing stones with the midges after what you guys are achieving that was nothing good luck.

ant said...

keep going guys - I'm really impressed with the effort.

I bet when you started this you had no idea it was going to end up being such a wet summer! All the bigger achievement for it.

Good luck and hope you raise as much money as possible.

sarah said...

well done
keep going!!!!
I am so impressed!

sam you have mail

all great here, very busy!


(now nearly fluent in italian!!!!
sort of!)