Monday, 13 August 2007

DAY 32: Bye Bye North Wales


Rich and Mark are now climbing Dwm on Castell Cidwm which leaves one more route to do in North Wales, Mousetrap at South Stack, Gogarth, which they are with Silvia Fitzpatrick and Glenda Huxter at 5pm this afternoon.

Dwm is extra special for Rich as this is the only Hard Rock route he hasn't done in the past, so that would make him the third person (that we know about) to complete all the climbs in Hard Rock.

Then it is down South to Chair Ladder and Bosigran with the final route on Friday, Moonraker at Berry Head.


ColinS said...

Wow! Really amazing stuff - good luck for the last few climbs.

Colin <- Mark's cousin in New Zealand

Sam Johnson said...

good luck boys on your finale leg from all the staff at revolution climbing centre. see you at the after party.