Saturday, 11 August 2007

Day 30

Well last night was a bit of an epic! the boys went up to climb Great Wall, the hardest route in the book and the one I think they have been dreading! It was too wet! to which I replied "It aint going to get any better" but instead they set off up White Slab, still a really hard route and twice as long!

So day light ran out and they had to finish in the dark, then had to run back down the path to the car! Finished the day at 11pm, very tired and Rich was very miserable! His last thought before bed was " Wales is going to be the end of us".

We had looked at the forecast yesterday and its bad! Rain and showers today and tomorrow and then really really heavy rain, we are going to run out of days!

This moring did not start well! Rain when we woke up, they boys however, after another Petes Eats breakfast, started up the path. They only got a short way and I got the call, "come back to the car park we need to come back". I went to collect them thinking "stay there the weather will improve". But they gave up listening to me ages ago.

I dropped them of in the pass to climb 2 more if possible, The Grooves and Cenotaph Corner.

Guess what though! the weather has improved and I am now in sunshine, looks like they will have to go back up that path again!

Please everyone, keeps your fingers, toes etc crossed as we really are up against it this time and I personally am worried!

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Paul Edwards said...

Keep going Richie and Mark, now is the time to hang in and grit your teeth. I know that you can do this, just a bit of luck with the weather and you will bag them all. Good Luck, and tell Richie to keep his headtorch ready for climbing Moonraker in the dark!


Paul Edwards (AMA Vice Chairman)