Friday, 17 August 2007

Day 36 and its all over!

Champagne time! I can't believe its all over, well for this year anyway.

The boys started climbing with Ken Palmer todays Celebrity Climber (sorry Ken) at about 12 miday. The film crews turned up just in time to see them top out!

For those that can WATCH ITV TONIGHT AT 6PM!

Thanks to those that called me today to wish the boys luck, a super large thanks to Stephen Reid from Needlesports as he now has to send me a rather large cheque - he promised the boys £5 per route.

I will be posting more over the coming weeks about Stephen as he is one of the two guys that has completed all the routes. His story is a great one!

Please if you can, keep reading this blog as I will be updating it lots over the coming weeks with more stories of the trip and with more photos.

Thanks to those that have put comments to keep us going. Thanks again for the donations everyone. Thanks to Ju and David for the cup of tea in Torquay and the use of the pc.

I will be posting the address on here very shortly where to send cheques for those that want to donate that way.

A few more photos from today...
Does he deserve a big kiss? I think so!

The Final purile tick!


Wallman said...

Well done folks. That's a great acheivement for all involved! We'll be sending you a cheque soon.
So what's the goal for next year?
Will be popping in to see you all at 'The Orange House' next time I'm in the Costa Blanca.

Dave Douglas

Jon said...

Brilliant, awesome achievement and I have to admit I had my doubts. Well done chaps from me and everyone at UNUMC (nott uni),

Jon Leighton

Gwilym said...

Well Done Guys.

I was the uniformed visitor you had in your van the night before you started the challenge in CHEDDAR GORGE. Remember it! It was a while ago I know.
Anyway, i have watched with interest and am really pleased you have completed the challenge.

Do you have any T Shirts left?

ZoeB said...

Super achievemnet to all of you - wish I could be there for the party.

Will be thinking of you. Look forward to the pics .... maybe nextyear in Switzerland .... I am sure I can find you a challenge !!


Chris Smith said...

superb! im writing this with a bit of a lump in my throat, i simply cant believe what you have achieved in the the time you allocated and especially with the weather that seemed to be always against you. It was great spending the couple of days with you early on in Glen Coe and thankyou for rescuing my gear on Praying Mantis ill happily donate its value to the cause!
Hope to see you all soon, lots of love Chris and Fay.

Sam Mayfield said...

Thanks for the comments peeps, really nice to read.

Z take care and see you soon

Mr Policeman - t shirts for sale at the Mill or you can contact me and will get one sent to you in the post.

Vicky and Derek said...

Bloody fantastic!!!!
Posting this with a tear in my eye. Never before have I seen such determination and dedication to overcome obstacles to achieve your goal. We are so proud of you all. Well done Sam for all your hard work in turning this dream into reality. Also well done to Simon for some amazing pictures. But most of all WOW to Rich and Mark for the bloody amazing climbs.
Del has worn his tshirt all day today in recognition of your amazing achievement, and liv says "hows Tufa" bless her.

Love to you all
enjoy your weekend wish we were there. See you in May 08
Vicky, Del and Olivia xxx