Monday, 6 August 2007

Day 25 - Not Really Going to Plan

Having just spoken to Sam it would appear that today hasnt quite gone to plan.

It started ok with the guys very kindly receiving a lift further up the trail to Loch Dubh from the Balmoral ranger, kindly organised by Colin Munro from Braemar Mountain Rescue Team. The lift saved the guys an additional 4 miles on the walk-in which was hugely welcomed!

However having arrived at the crag, the guys couldnt actually see the routes as the rain came in. So after waiting a while to see if conditions were going to improve, they walked out and have set up base in the campsite in Ballater.

Having checked the weather the team are hopeful they can get King Rat and Goliath done tomorrow before heading over to the West Coast for The Bat and Trapeze on Wednesday and Thursday. We will then return to Wales to clear the route left behind.

Fingers crossed for some better weather.

Mother Si.

This is from a while ago, when the sun was still shining!!


Vicky and Derek said...

Wow 41 routes!!! Well done everyone. Glad you have had to do a detour (selfish I know) but it means that we will hopefully get to see you in wales this weekend. Del miffed that he will miss you all but somebody has to work whilst I am out galavanting. Keep up the good work. We will be arriving on Friday might see you then.
lots of love
Vicky, Derek and Olivia xxxx

Cathie said...

Hi Sam, Rich and Tufa. Hope all is going well - you can't complain too much we have had 3 days of sunshine! As for tomorrow :-( Sounds like hard work but knowing you lot you really will be enjoying it! Me - I'll stick to my pefectly manicured nails! Hope to catch up with you soon. Love Cathie xxx