Sunday, 19 August 2007

Hard Rock Fest - same again next year!

This blog will now be updated once a week!

Look at that happy face!

We finished the last climb on Berryhead on Friday afternoon and had some time to enjoy a lovely meal on the way to The Mill Adventure Centre. Rich was falling asleep during the short drive but strangely he came alive when we arrived at The Mill. "Can you set a route for us Rich?" asked Keith. "Of course I can" replies Rich.

Prize giving

Jon Tate during the dyno comp

The whole weekend went really well, although more people would have been nice! Thanks to the following :-

Paul and Dave at The Mill - See you next year guys
Celebrity climbers - Steve McClure, James Pearson and Mikey Robertson
The Crew - Thanks guys and well done for not feeding Tufa any burgers!
Attendees - Thanks for showing up and buying tickets and taking part
Cotswold for the prizes and Auction items - lets hope we see you all next year as-well!
and most important thank you goes to Keith from Rock and Rapid Adventures, we really could not have had such a great weekend with you.

Keith from Rock and Rapid Adventures working out the comp scores

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